Northeast Geocaching organizations.

New York Capital Region Geocachers

Central to the Albany New York area and reaching to surrounding counties.
Blue Line Geocachers

The Blue Line Geocachers are located in and around the Adirondack Park.
This group is for the geocachers of Central New York.  This group is not open only to Central NY, most can join. It is, however, a place to post things regarding Central NY events or questions.
Stuck in the Middle Cachers

This small "caching group" was created during the summer of 2008. It's a basic caching group covering the area of Delaware and Otsego counties, as well as surrounding communities in upstate New York.
This site, and group, is currently in it's infancy. Please be patient with us while we get started.
Southern Tier Geocachers

Centrally located in Binghamton New York covering south Central New York and northern Pennsylvania.
Long Island Geocaching Organization

Active group centrally located on Long Island promoting geocaching and community relations on Long Island.
Western Massachuttes Geocachers

Geocaching group concentrated in western Massachuttes and expanding to include all of Massachucttes and all surrounding areas.